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    Corporate Culture

    Purpose of the company

    People-oriented, scientific management.

    Winning by quality, customer satisfaction

    To fine Liye, sustainable development

    Corporate philosophy

    Progress stems from learning,development from the thinking ,power stems from management

    Quality is the life of our business, customer satisfaction is our chase, The value of life is the work of the staff

    Quality of ideas

    Perfect from seriously, excellence began in earnest.

    Adhering to the attitude of excellence

    Every detail seriously, and strive for perfection.

    Operation Concept

    Continued stable quality fast and flexible response
    Accurate and timely delivery of innovative technologies

    The favorable competitive cost fair and honest moral

    Environment of cultural harmony

      “Trust”is the integrity, sense of responsibility, so we advocate honest man,

                      hard work, a sense of responsibility to giving back to the heart

    “Diligent”refers to the input, dedicated, hard-working, positive, and our employees

                         have a positive outlook on life;

     “New”is our core values of life, that innovation. Therefore, we advocate beyond,

                     the onl innovation beyond peer beyond the self, to be invincible

    “Harmony”, our employees, customers, friends, just like a big family,

                      harmony,and contentment, collaboration and co-prosperity


    Shenzhen Carknight Electronic Co., Ltd

    ADD:Building C3,Section 4, New Industrial Park,Bao'an District ,Shenzhen,China